Pushpins have always been essential for pinning notes to a variety of bulletin boards. This has been a helpful staple for reminding us all of various task that need to be addressed, appointments or just mind joggers. But still in most cases this has always proven to be a disorganized method, where many notes simply go unnoticed. It can easily be called a clutter board rather than a message board.

On the other hand, magnetized pushpins can stick to the refrigerator or any other magnetized appliance safely and without the fear of hurting yourself should you drop one in the carpet. This means you can put reminders on the washer and dryer to remind you of a certain article of clothing that needs special attention. Magnetized pushpins are also safer for children as well.

Magnetized pushpins are also easier to organize and maintain neatness in that you only have to slide the pin over to make any adjustments, while the standard pushpin has to be removed and reinserted. In this fashion we eventually see the board begin to lose functionality with all the holes puched in the board.

There are available at many arts and crafts stores kits that you can create your own decorative pushpins using a variety of colors and even little figures. This will certainly add character to the artwork or messages that decorate your refrigerator or even the magnetic board not to mention the fun you will have creating your own unique flavors.

I hope this short brief was informative.